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Eliana Zebro

Audio Professional for Media Projects

Sound Design Reel

About Eliana Zebro

Eliana Zebro (pronouns: they/them) is an audio professional who has worked as an Audio Director, Voice Director, VO Designer, Casting Director, Sound Designer, & more. They currently work as a VO dialogue editor at PCB Productions, & have worked on several wonderful projects, including Persona 5 Tactica, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, NieR Re[in]carnation, & others.

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Eliana's Roles in Game Audio

Audio Director

Impactfully leading audio/music teams by working within & across departments to ensure success.

Click Here for a Case Study

Voice & Casting Director

Leading the voice direction of a project---from casting in pre-production, to effective live direction during production---for all talent.

Click Here for a Casting Director Case Study

Click Here for a Voice Director Case Study

VO Designer

Effective audio editing + mixing for voice acting, & can refine hundreds of lines a day to ensure fantastic delivery for games big & small.

See below for Eliana VO Design Reel Video.

Sound Designer

High-quality sound design for any game project, from quiet nature & ambiences, to loud weapons, to UI noises, & more

See below for Eliana's Don't Starve Redesign Video

Recent Video Game Project Highlights

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(Click the images below to watch the game's trailer!)

ballads at midnight.gif

Ballads at Midnight

Audio Director, Voice Director, VO Designer

Persona 5

Dialogue Editor

(English Dub)


The Legend of Heroes:
Trails into

Dialogue Editor

(English Dub)

"Eliana was amazing to work with! They worked with the voice actors to make sure everything got done, kept me up to date on their work, and was incredibly sweet overall. I highly recommend them!"

Kristi "HusbandoGoddess" Jimenez, Visual Novel Game Developer

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