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Audio Industry Mentoring

Eliana offers mentoring for folks trying to enter or currently within the audio industry. Mentorship usually consists of a call on Google Meet or Discord, followed by Eliana checking in periodically on your progress via email or messaging. Mentoring topics can be anything from finding & getting work, to setting rates, to audio editing & mixing basics, & more.

Eliana is currently prioritizing the mentorship of marginalized &/or queer folks.

Want to be mentored? Send Eliana an email with the subject "Audio Mentoring":

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The Storysinger & Co. Mentorship Program

Storysinger & Co. is Eliana's audio mentorship initiative that matches mentors & mentees in the audio industry for 1 hour of intentional, virtual mentorship.

The program began in Fall 2021, with 121 mentors & mentee signups in its launch. Each mentee was matched up with a mentor personally by Eliana, & was then connected to that mentor via email. From there, the mentor & mentee connected for that 1 hour mentorship call.

The program will occur every Summer & Winter, with signups beginning in the Spring & Fall respectively. Follow Eliana on Twitter here to be notified of when signups are open. 


What Eliana's Mentees Have to Say

Eliana is a fantastic mentor figure. They go above and beyond a superficial check in. Eliana asks the important questions, and discusses sometimes overlooked aspects of marketing yourself in a highly saturated field, such as audio. Eliana didn’t miss a beat after introducing themselves, and brought up extremely relevant points about jobs and networking in relation to what I was looking for. They also shared personal stories to ensure me that I was not alone in the harsh world of job searching and rejections.

Eliana answered all the questions I had about the industry, from how much I should charge a client for services, to what appropriate networking looks like. They also filled in gaps where my formal education had missed out. Eliana shared their philosophy about networking in a way that was approachable and accessible. From there, Eliana introduced me to multiple networking opportunities, both virtual and in person where they have found success. Eliana also had an ingenious idea of making me create and send a relevant pitch back to them after seeing theirs. These are a few tools Eliana taught me that I will continue to use for many years.

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