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And So, I Fall: Case Study

A visual novel telling the story of Masami, the type who always came to class, sits in the front row, and turns his homework in on time. So, the news has to be a mistake. Good kids like him don't snap out of nowhere. Right?

Audio Director

Led an audio team consisting of 2 composers & 6 voice talents while communicating within & beyond the audio department. Used effective leadership to define deliverables & deadlines, & make sure the project's vision was upheld.

Voice Director

Gave effective live direction to the voice talents during VO recording sessions. And early on, organized a meeting with the project lead/lead writer & all voice talents to dive into the heads of their characters.

Casting Director

Went through a spreadsheet of almost 200 voice talents to find the perfect voices for each character, handpicking & reaching out to voice talents for this project.

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