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Alice: Casting Director Case Study

A visual novel with a sapphic spin on Alice in Wonderland, taking place in a fantastical world where Alice is romanced in a way women at home never dared to.

Writing Casting Calls

Wrote a casting call for Alice using character summaries provided by the project lead. Casting call included character's role (major, secondary, extra, etc), gender identity, bio, number of lines, notes on line read tone, & more. Also included audio files' name, format, & deadline for sending.

Reviewing Auditions

Received 118 audition files total for the project. Listened to each & every one to determine the best voices for the project, narrowing down the top 3 choices for each role & presenting them to the project lead.

Celebrating our Talent

Had our project lead create graphics for each voice talent, so they could announce & share their roles. Also made a thread on Twitter celebrating & announcing each voice talent.

alice cast.png
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